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It doesn’t matter what business you have, it could be just a Facebook page for your business, an online personal blogging site, or a website for your business, having a domain is the right thing to do, it is a smart move to make when it comes to pushing a business. There are different domain hosts you could buy Dubai domain for your site. When you own your own domain name, it gives you more control of your business and site and it is also a way of taking initiative for your business and every content you create on your website. If you are wondering why exactly you need a domain, we’ve come up with a few important facts that explain why exactly you need a domain.

Wide Visibility

Having a domain name provides you with wide visibility, you are not just subjected to be visible on a particular app, having your domain name makes you build your own authority and stops you from being held back by some app’s restrictions. Apps like Facebook, Shopify, and even Instagram allow you to have a platform to promote your business but with these, you are limited and cannot fully showcase your products as you wish and wouldn’t be fully visible to people that are not on the app, but when you have a domain name your business is widely visible.


A domain name makes it easy for anyone to have access to your business or blog page. Using social media apps may let people have access to you but it is restricted to only the people who are on that app, if they are not registered on the app they would not have access to your business but having a website and a domain eradicates such limitations.


Your domain name can be anything you want, you can make it as unique as you want, be adventurous with the naming, and make it really represent what your business stands for. The price of your domain name depends on the office 365 price in UAE and could either have an extension of .org, .com, or .net, anyone of your choosing.

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