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Petek Restaurant

Petek Restaurant

Petek family history dates back to early 1900s when our great grandfather Hasan who left Camlihemsin to work as a baker in Moscow and later in Istanbul where he opened his baker store- selling only bread in 1916. He had to leave Moscow on the verge of the civil riots and prior to Bolsheviks taking the power from Nicholasll. Unfortunately, Hasan past away in Istanbul leaving his oldest son Tevfik Kuyumcuoglu at the age of 14 and his youngest son Enver Kuyumcuoglu at the age of 9 both as orphans. Very difficult years started for the family and forced those two brothers to leave their home at a very young age to support their family. Tevfik went back to work in Moscow as baker again and Enver later on joined him there as well. They managed to run a bakery store together and later on Tevfik left his brother in Moscow and went on to work in Tehran, baking for Riza Pahlavi and the royal family of Iran.

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Petek Restaurant

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